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Naresh Goyal

Born on July 29, 1949, in Sangrur (Punjab), Naresh Goyal stands as the Founder and Chairman of Jet Airways, India’s leading international airline, currently valued at $3.2 Billion. Boasting a formidable 40-year career in the Civil Aviation industry, Naresh Goyal, at the peak of his career in 2005, held the… Read More »Naresh Goyal

Mangal Prabhat Lodha

Born on December 18, 1955, Mangal Prabhat Lodha is the visionary founder of Lodha Group, a prominent Mumbai-based real estate developer, and a highly respected figure in Indian politics. Currently serving as the Chairman of Lodha Group, Mangal Lodha dedicates a significant portion of his time to public service. He… Read More »Mangal Prabhat Lodha

Mohanlal Chauhan

Meet the visionary force and architect behind the triumph of the present Billion Dollar Empire – Parle Group, a conglomerate now segmented into Parle Products, Parle Agro & Parle Bisleri. Rooted in a sprawling family tree, the legacy traces back to Mohanlal Chauhan, the patriarch who birthed five remarkable children:… Read More »Mohanlal Chauhan

Kishore Biyani

Born on August 9, 1961, Kishore Biyani, often referred to as the “Sam Walton of India,” stands as the founder and CEO of the esteemed Future Group, a titan in the Indian retail landscape. With a current valuation exceeding $1.3 Billion, Kishore has emerged as a dynamic force, navigating through… Read More »Kishore Biyani

Karsanbhai Patel

Hailing from Mehsana, Gujarat, Karsan bhai Khodidas Patel, born in 1945, is a notable Indian industrialist who founded the renowned Nirma group, a brand that has etched its place among the Indian middle-class. Building an Empire Karsan bhai embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with Nirma, starting as a one-man operation.… Read More »Karsanbhai Patel

Radhakishan Damani

Popularly known as Mr. White and White, Radhakishan Damani is a prominent figure in the stock market, serving as a stock market investor, stockbroker, trader, and the founder & promoter of Dmart. Rise of Mr. White and White Damani’s retail chain, Dmart, boasts an impressive presence with 91 stores across… Read More »Radhakishan Damani

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