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Top 10 Richest Person in Aurangabad [2024]

Anurag Jain & Family

Company – Endurance Technologies
Net Worth – $ 2.5 Billion (20,800 Crore)
Industry – Automobile & Auto Components

Founder of Endurance technologies and nephew of Mr. Rahul Bajaj (Bajaj Motorcycles), Mr. Anurag Jain started supplying bike parts for his uncle’s business. Endurance technologies now supply 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler, and car parts to its customers in India as well as Europe.

anurag jain endurance technologies aurangabad billionaire
Anurag Jain, Endurance Technologies

Tarang Jain & family

Company – Varroc Engineering
Net Worth – $ 550 Million (4400 Crore)
Industry – Automobile & Auto Components

Ashokkumar Ramkishan Sikchi & family

Company – Clean Science & Technology
Net Worth – $ 500 Million (4100 Crore)
Industry – Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Padmakar Haribhau Mulay & family

Company – Ajeet Seeds
Net Worth – $ 130 Million (1000 Crore)
Industry – Agricultural Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the richest person in Aurangabad?

Anurag Jain and his family is the richest person in Aurangabad. Anurag Jain and his family have interests in Automobile and auto components manufacturing.

How many multi-millionaires or Billionaires live in Aurangabad?

There is currently 1 billionaire in dollar terms who lives in Aurangabad.


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