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Top 10 Richest Person in Assam [2024]

Assam is the biggest and a significant state among the seven sister states of North East India. It is the most populous as well as the biggest in terms of area. So it is natural that it has the biggest economy among the seven sister states. In this list, we will include people who live and work in Assam.

Apart from oil and natural gas exploration and subsequent refining, Assam has little to no other industries. All the industries are auxiliary industries of petroleum and petroleum products like fertilizers, etc. It has the world’s second-oldest oil field.

Following is the list of the richest people from Assam:

Kailash Chandra Lohia

kailash chandar lohia richest assam
Kailash Chandra Lohia, Lohia Group

Company – Lohia Group, Shubham Group
Net Worth – $200 Million (2000 Crore)
Industry – Diversified

The Lohia Group, run by Mr. Kailash Lohia, is one of the largest conglomerates in the North East Region of India based in Guwahati, Assam. The organization started its operation in 1981 as M/s Bajrang Steel Sales Corporation. Today, the Lohia Group consists of close to fifty different companies with businesses spreading across Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Delhi, West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Orissa.

In addition to steel, the group also deals in cement, AAC blocks, TMT/Rebars, Ferro alloys, GP/GC sheets, low ash met coke, textiles, food processing, kraft paper, and oxygen bottling to name a few. They are the sole distributor and authorized stockist in the North East for TATA GP/GC sheets and dealer/distributor for various other steel manufacturers.

In recent years, the organization has expanded its interest to venture into other endeavors like education, real estate, automobile, lifestyle sanitary, fittings, marble, tiles, and other interior products. Subham, a unit of Lohia Group, is a leading real estate firm in the North Eastern region. They have been instrumental in enabling the finest living standard in Guwahati for over a decade. (Source: Lohia Group Website)

Sanjeev Kumar Prithani

Company – Brahmaputra Group, Indo Group
Net Worth – $100 Million (1200 Crore)

Industry – Financial Services

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Prithani, the son of the late Suresh Prithani, is the joint managing director of Brahmaputra group which is one of the leading real estate developers in Guwahati, Assam. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Prithani is the son of the first-generation entrepreneur, Mr. Suresh Prithani, who started the group in 1987.

In addition to real estate developments, the Brahmaputra group has expanded into building a Hydro Electric Power Project, mining, and construction of an industrial park in Guwahati. It has highway, airport, and tunnel projects under its belt.

Hemendra Prasad Barooah & family

hemendra prasad barooah richest assam
Hemendra Prasad Barooah, Barooah and Associates

Company –  Barooahs and Associates
Net Worth – $100 Million (1000 Crore)
Industry – Financial Services

Hemendra Prasad Barooah is a legend when it comes to the Tea plantations of Assam. He belongs to the rich Khongiya Barooah family of Thengal. He was the son of Siva Prasad Barooah and Kamal Kumari Barooah, both well-known Indian entrepreneurs, tea planters, and philanthropists. Khongiya Barooah family has looked out for the interests of Assam and promoted Tea Tourism.

He inherited Tea plantations from his mother and then went on to become the most famous as well as the richest tea planter in the state. He is the one who opened the Thengal Manor bungalow to the general public and supported tourism in Assam.

Dipankar Dutta

dipankar dutta assam richest person
Dipankar Dutta, CEC

Company – Computer Education Center (CEC)
Net Worth – $100 Million (1000 Crore)
Industry – Education

Dipankar Dutta, as a young man, came to New Delhi for pursuing higher education in computers. After completing his course successfully came back to Assam. In 1994, he established an institute in the name of Computer Education Centre, well-known as CEC in Noonmati with only two computers.

After completing sixteen glorious years now it has over 130 centers all over Northeastern India. The institute also offers various training courses in various fields including computer education, fashion designing, interior decorating, journalism, as well as management courses.

Badruddin Ajmal

Company – Ajmal Group, AIUDF
Net Worth – $100 Million (1100 Crore)
Industry – Perfumes

He is the chairman of Ajmal Group of Companies that sells attar perfume, and oils, and has made a considerable fortune from extracting oils and perfumes from plants. Badruddin Ajmal is a member of the Indian Parliament from the Dhubri Lok Sabha constituency.

Shiv Prakash Mittal

Company – Green Ply Industries Ltd.
Net Worth – $50 Million (500 Crore)
Industry – Construction material

Started back in 1990 as Mittal laminates, India’s biggest interior construction material producer. In addition to Assam, Greenply has a presence in Kolkata, Rajasthan, and Delhi.

Bhagya Kalita

bhagya kalita net worth assam richest
Bhagya Kalita with his wife

Company – BK Tower
Net Worth – $50 Million (400 Crore)
Industry – Real Estate, Hospitality

A business tycoon in Assam, Mr. Bhagya Kalita, has interests in hospitality, real estate, tourism, and infrastructure development. Though they have business interests in Assam, Mr. Kalita lives in Delhi.

Chokhani Prakash

Company – Mahadeobari Tea Co.
Net Worth – $30 Million (250 Crore)
Industry – FMCG

Chokhani Prakash, who is chairman of Mahadeobari Tea Company. Om Prakash Chowkhani is a prominent tea planter in the state and owns four gardens in the tea-rich zone Tinsukia district. One of his gardens has been described as a mega-garden. His Mahadeobari Tea is a popular brand, and the product has spread far and wide.

Tanushree Hazarika

tanushree hazarika richest assam
Tanushree Hazarika, Eclectic Group

Company – Eclectic Group
Net Worth – $50 Million (250 Crore)
Industry – Publishing

Tanushree Hazarika is the Managing Director of Eclectic Group, which publishes the English magazine Eclectic North-East. She is also the founder of Tattva Creations, and the founder of the non-profit foundation called the Brahmaputra Foundation.

Alen Ahmed

Company – Neha Builders, Wellmount Industries
Net Worth – $20 Million (150 Crore)
Industry – Real Estate

Mr. Alen Ahmed attended Don Bosco School of Assam and attained his education but dropped out of his MBA to help his father’s cinema hall business. 

His father built Guwahatis’ first movie hall. So he has received real estate knowledge as heritage. Now they have 4 theatres in all. After taking the helm of the business, Mr. Alen Ahmed founded Neha Builders building on the strong foundation built by his father to create a diversified general contracting firm.

Shyam Kanu Mahanta

shyam kanu mahanta net worth assam
Shyam Kanu Mahanta, MMS Advisory

Company – MMS Advisory
Net Worth – $10 Million (70 Crore)
Industry – Financial Services

Shyam Kanu Mahanta is the managing director of MMS Advisory, which is one of the biggest advisory companies in India’s northeast. He is also the chief functionary of trend MMS, and they organize festivities for celebrations such as Srimanta Sankaradeva Movement, Samannay, North East Festival, and Rongali. Shyam Kanu Mahanta knows food, and he has a very good eye for presentation and decoration.

Sanjukta Dutta

Company – Designer/Director
Net Worth – $10 Million (80 Crore)
Industry – Fashion

Sanjukta Dutta, a known fashion designer from Assam, has taken part in many international fashion shows and has collaborated with many international fashion brands. An ambassador of Assam, she has declared her love for Assam fabrics. She incorporates traditional Assamese style in most of her designs.


Assam, being the biggest state in Northeast India, is the brain and heart of the northeast. Its economy is the main driver of growth in the northeastern states of India. Guwahati, the capital of Assam is the biggest city in the Northeast. In addition to the above-mentioned top 10 richest people in Assam, other notable mentions are:

  • AK Pansari
  • Rajesh Himbatsingka
  • Ratan Sharma
  • Basanta Kumar Mittal

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the richest person in Assam?

Kailash Chandra Lohia is the richest person in Assam. He has developed businesses in mining and engineering.

How many billionaires live in Assam?

There are currently 0 billionaires in dollar terms who live in Assam.


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