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Rajinder Gupta (Trident Group)

rajinder gupta trident group ludhiana
Rajinder Gupta, Trident Group

Rajinder Gupta is the chairman of Trident Group, headquartered in Ludhiana, Punjab. Trident Group comprises Home Textiles, Paper Manufacturing, Chemicals, and Power.

Rajinder Gupta

Chairman – Trident Group
Net Worth – $ 1.5 Billion (13,800 Cr)
Industry – Textiles


Mr. Rajinder Gupta, a Harvard graduate has also degrees from ISB Hyderabad and Templeton College of Oxford University.

Rajinder is a first-generation entrepreneur who has made it big in their family. He was the son of a very small cotton trader which provided him with the base from which he started.

With an initial investment of INR 6.5 crores, he set up his first-ever fertilizer manufacturing plant called Abhishek Industries.

Forming Trident Group

During the 1980s when Punjab was burning due to terrorism, most industries were leaving the state for good. But at that very time, Mr. Rajinder Gupta not only stayed but expanded his operations.

With the violence subsided, Mr. Gupta was in the perfect position to start his great journey. After setting up Trident group in April 1990, he started by setting up a spindle mill in Barnala in 1991. After that, the company diversified into yarn, papers, and terry towels.

Counting many businesses under its umbrella, Trident Group includes:

  • Trident International, Inc.
  • Trident Limited
  • Trident Infotech Corporation Limited
  • Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • Trident Infotech Limited
  • Trident Global Corp Limited

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