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MBA Chai Wala (Prafull Billore) [2024]

Prafull Billore a.k.a. MBA (Mr. Billore Ahmedabad) Chai Wala is an MBA dropout who took to the business of making Chai. Having failed twice in getting into the IIMs, he finally took admitted into an MBA course which he later dropped out of it to focus on his tea stall business.

Just like most middle-class fathers, his father also wanted him to study hard and get a good job so that he can be financially secure.

Though the story may feel like a classical example of rag to riches. But nothing can be farther from the truth. Instead, the story of MBA Chai Wala or Prafull Billore is a story of the dilemma faced by the youth of our country day in and day out. Any typical Indian student can relate to his story. Let’s learn what India’s most famous Chaiwala has to teach us.

mba chai wala prafull billore 1
Prafull Billore a.k.a. MBA Chai Wala

Prafull Billore

Company – MBA Chai Wala
Net Worth – $5 Million (40 Crore)
Industry – Cafe Chain

Though Prafull Billore is not filthy rich like other business families that we usually cover. But there is something very unique about his story. His bank balance may be small but his story doesn’t lack motivation. The millennials will be able to relate more to him than say Dhiru Bhai Ambani’s story.


Prafull was born and brought up in Dhar, a city 50 km from Indore. Prafull Billore, like any small-town student, after completing his B.Com wanted to pursue MBA from IIMs, particularly IIM Ahmedabad. But as luck would have it, he couldn’t get into it and failed twice. So he finally took admission to the Ahmedabad University MBA course.

Just like most students, he later found out that he wasn’t interested in MBA studies. To make ends meet, he was already working at a neighborhood McDonald’s. So he was meeting new people there every day. This kept him open to new ideas. After working for about 4 months at McDonald’s, he thought about starting his own tea stall.

Starting “MBA Chai Wala”

Prafull used to work at McDonald’s alongside his MBA. This taught him new things and he encountered new people and ideas every day. Along with that, he also gained some business knowledge.

Disillusioned from the job and MBA, Prafull decided to start a small streetside tea vending business. For that, he took a loan of ₹ 15000 from his father. But he used this money to set up a tea stall. With this money, he brought all the necessary utensils, ingredients, cart to set up a roadside business of tea selling. Had Prafull told his family that he needed this money to set up a handcart, his family would not have supported him. So he lied.

He used to greet and converse with all his customers in English. After seeing a tea vendor speaking fluent English, people started noticing him. This helped him grow his business. Though it was not a cakewalk initially. But despite struggling financially initially, he kept on working!

Fast forward five years, the twenty-five-year-old is now a multi-millionaire entrepreneur who built MBA Chai Wala – a 4 crore turnover business with 50 outlets pan India.

Prafull Billore Career
Prafull making Chai on MBA Chai Wala stall

It took him over 50 days just to get over the shame of opening a tea stall on the roadside. But this is where it all started. He worked as a tea seller for almost 2 years. But his unique marketing campaigns made him the talk of the town.

He ran free Chai for Singles on Valentine’s day, distributed free Chai in Cycle races every week, raised around 3 lakhs for Kerala flood victims, etc. These innovative marketing campaigns brought him into the national media and helped create a brand around him.

MBA Chai Wala: A successful franchise business now

Starting with Ahmedabad, MBA Chai Wala has become a well-known Cafe franchise. In addition to Ahmedabad, MBA Chai Wala is present in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Gurgaon. It has a presence across 12 cities in India with international expansion on the cards.

mba chai wala shop
MBA Chai Wala shop

Innovative Marketing Campaigns

MBA Chai Wala started as a roadside tea stall in 2017 and has turned into a pan-India franchise business. All of this is the result of the hard work of Prafull Billore as well as his innovative marketing campaigns. He has employed unique marketing campaigns which helped him create a brand.

Valentine’s day Special: “Haq Se Single” Campaign

mba chai wala valentines day singles campaign
Prafull making tea on his stall

Mr. Billore offered free Chai to all the singles on Valentine’s day when everyone was focusing on the couples. This helped him raise awareness about his brand among the majority population of youth which is usually single. Focusing on the underserved and majority youth population gave Mr. Billore an edge over his competitors (marketing) who were increasingly focused on a smaller customer base & over-crowded market.

These innovations have helped Mr. Billore create a brand value and then a franchise around his roadside tea stall business.

Bihar Elections

MBA Chai Wala ran marketing campaigns like the Bihar Chai party during Bihar Elections. These type of marketing campaigns has helped him gain a lot of eyeballs on social media as well as in the mainstream media.

prafull Billore mba chai wala marketing campaigns

In addition, they have run many unique and innovative marketing campaigns that have brought them to the limelight on social media and mainstream media. Some of them include raising money for the Kerala flood victims, offering free Chai to all the participants in the Weekly Cycle Race, etc.

Prafull Billore Net Worth

The tea stall business which slowly morphed into a Cafe franchise business was started by Prafull with a loan of INR 15000 in 2017. He took this money by lying to his family and took the money on the pretext of buying the course. Had Prafull told what he intended to do with the money, his father wouldn’t have given it to him.

Today, MBA Chai Wala business has more than 4 Crore in revenues per month making Prafull the richest Chai Wala in India. In addition, Prafull gives talks and runs a YouTube channel as a motivational speaker.

YearNet Worth
Net Worth in 20170
Net Worth in 20180
Net Worth in 20197 Crore
Net Worth in 20202 Crore
Net Worth in 202110 Crore
Net Worth in 202240 Crore
MBA Chai Wala’s net worth

Prafull MBA Chai Wala: The motivational Speaker

During the Corona lockdown, Prafull saw his net worth dip. So to take advantage of all the free time available, he started a Youtube Channel in 2021 under the name Prafull MBA Chai Wala. Since then, he has garnered more than 1.5 Million followers on Youtube and has become quite a successful motivational speaker and content creator on YouTube.

MBA Chai wala Youtube Channel
Prafull MBA Chai Wala Youtube Channel logo

In addition to giving motivational talks, Prafull MBA Chai Wala nowadays also runs marketing and business workshops where you can gain insight into “how a business can be run”, “how to make a brand stand out with innovative marketing”, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Prafull MBA Chai Wala?

Prafull Billore a.k.a MBA (Mr. Billore Ahmedabad) Chaiwala is an Indian entrepreneur who employs extraordinary marketing strategies to turn his roadside tea stall business into a multi-million dollar which he started in 2017.

Who is the owner of MBA Chai Wala?

Prafull Sohan Billore is the owner of the MBA Chai Wala Cafe franchise chain which he started back in 2017 as a roadside tea stall when he was still pursuing his MBA from Ahmedabad University. Later he dropped out of his studies to focus on his business which was still a roadside tea stall.

What is the real name of MBA Chai Wala?

Prafull Billore is the real name of the MBA Chai Wala franchise owner. He is also a motivational speaker who runs a YouTube channel name Prafull MBA Chai Wala.

What is MBA Chai Wala’s net worth?

MBA Chai Wala is a franchise of Tea Stalls run by Prafull Billore. It has more than 50 outlets pan India and has a turnover of 4 Crore. His net worth is estimated to be at least $5 Million dollar (40 Crore) in Indian rupees.

Is MBA Chai Wala a millionaire or billionaire?

Prafull Billore is a multi-millionaire, not a billionaire. He has created and owns the MBA Chai Wala franchise. His business’ reported revenue is more than 4 Crore and his net worth is more than $5 Million (40 Crore).

Who is the richest Chaiwala?

Prafull Billore a.k.a. MBA Chai Wala is the richest Chaiwala in India. He runs a cafe franchise business named MBA Chai Wala. It is present at more than 50 locations in 12 cities as of 2022.

Is MBA Chai Wala successful?

Yes, MBA Chai Wala franchise business as well as its owner Prafull Billore is quite successful. The franchise business has a presence in more than 12 cities with 50+ locations. As for Mr. Billore, in addition to running his franchise business, he works as a motivational speaker. He runs a successful Youtube channel as well which has more than 1.5 Million subscribers.

Who is the No 1 Chai Wala in India?

Prafull Billore is the no 1 Chai Wala in India. He owns an MBA Chai Wala franchise business which he started as a roadside tea stall while pursuing his MBA which he later dropped off.

Who is the richest tea seller in India?

Currently, the richest and most famous tea seller is Prafull Billore, the owner of MBA Chai Wala which is a cafe tea stall franchise business.

How did MBA Chai Wala become a millionaire?

MBA Chai Wala set up his first roadside tea stall in 2017. After working for about a year, he shifted to a cafe and kept on selling tea. This was also the time when he ran his innovative marketing campaigns like Valentine’s day special free tea for singles, free tea for weekly cycle race participants, and raising money for the Kerala flood victims by making Chai.

These innovative campaigns helped him gain word of mouth, which in turn, helped him build his brand of MBA Chai Wala franchise business.

How much is MBA Chai Wala’s income per Month?

Though there is no financial data available regarding MBA Chai Wala’s monthly income. But after researching we can safely estimate it to be more than 40 Lakhs per month.

What are the educational qualifications of MBA Chaiwala?

MBA Chai Wala has completed B.Com and is a dropout of MBA that he was pursuing from Ahmedabad University. He has failed the CAT exam twice to get admission into IIMs.

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