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Top 10 Richest Person in Rajasthan [2024]

Rajasthan is the biggest state of India by area and has a GDP of $170 Billion. Many prominent business families of Mumbai, Delhi, and elsewhere trace their origins to the state of Rajasthan, be it the Bajajs, Singhanias, or Birlas. But here we will not include them in our list because we only include the rich and wealthy who reside and work in a particular place.

We have also prepared lists of the richest people in the following cities of Rajasthan:

Sanjay Agarwal & Family

Sanjay Agarwal, AU Small Finance Bank

Company – AU Small Finance Bank
Net Worth – $1.4 Billion (12,200 Crore)
Industry – Financial Services

Himanshu Baid & family

Himanshu Baid, Poly Medicure

Company – Poly Medicure
Net Worth – $550 Million (4000 Crore)
Industry – Healthcare

Rajat Agrawal & family

Company – Gravita India
Net Worth – $240 Million (1800 Crore)
Industry – Metals & Mining

Suresh Kumar Poddar & family

Company – Mayur Uniquoters
Net Worth – $160 Million (1400 Crore)
Industry – Textiles, Apparel & Accessories

Mohit Sahney

Company – Finova Capital
Net Worth – $70 Million (510 Crore)
Industry – Real Estate

Hodal Singh & family

Company – HG Infra Engineering
Net Worth – $400 Million (3200 Crore)
Industry – Construction & Engineering

Satya Narayan Dhoot & family

Company – Rajasthan Gum
Net Worth – $100 Million (1000 Crore)
Industry – Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the wealthiest person in Rajasthan?

You can learn more about more richest families/individuals through our rich list of Jaipur.

How many Billionaires live in Rajasthan?

There is currently 1 billionaire (in dollar terms) living in Rajasthan. The richest amongst all is Sanjay Agrawal, chairperson of the AU Small Finance Bank.


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