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List of Richest People in Punjab [2024]

Punjab, one of the richest states based on per capita income, has always been a formidable force when it comes to agriculture production. It is rightfully called the wheat basket of India.

It has industrial towns like Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Phagwara, and Bhatinda. So it is natural who’s the richest in the state of Punjab. It has a $68 Billion economy which is the 16th largest in India.

We have also prepared lists of the richest people in the following cities of Punjab:

Rajinder Gupta

rajinder gupta trident group ludhiana
Rajinder Gupta, Trident Group

The owner of Trident Group is the richest person in Punjab. Born in a family of cotton traders, Mr. Gupta had inherited the knowledge of cotton and spinning. That’s why he chose textiles and made a fortune out of it.

Company – Trident Group
Net Worth – $ 1.5 Billion (13,800 Crore)
Industry – Textiles

SP Oswal

sp oswal vardhman group richest ludhiana
SP Oswal, Vardhaman Textiles

Company – Vardhaman Textiles
Net Worth – $ 600 Million (4600 Crore)
Industry – Textiles

Mr. SP Oswal heads the Vardhaman Group. His company is one of the prominent players in textiles. A Padma Bhushan awardee, Mr. Oswal is a well-known philanthropist as well.

Paritosh Kumar Garg & Family

paritosh kumar garg richest ludhiana
Paritosh Kumar Garg, Happy Forgings

Company – Happy Forgings
Net Worth – $ 500 Million (3900 Crore)
Industry – Auto Components

A well-known industrialist, and the founder of the Company. Mr. Garg has been associated with the company since 1979. He has over 40 years of experience in the forging industry. He is involved in the day-to-day operations of the Company. [Source: Happy Forgings]

Avinash Gupta & Family

Company – RN Gupta & Co
Net Worth – $ 70 Million (2800 Crore)
Industry – Steel Forgings

Onkar Singh Pahwa & Family

Company – Avon Cycles Group
Net Worth – $ 220 Million (1700 Crore)
Industry – Cycles

Shiv Prasad Mittal & Family

Company – Aarti Steels
Net Worth – $ 220 Million (1700 Crore)
Industry – Steel Manufacturing

Anoop Bector & Family

Company – Bector Foods
Net Worth – $ 220 Million (1700 Crore)
Industry – Steel Manufacturing

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the richest person in Punjab?

Rajinder Gupta is the richest in Ludhiana as well as Punjab. Rajinder Gupta is the owner of Trident Group which has interests in Textiles. Pankaj Munjal of Hero group used to be the richest in Ludhiana earlier but he has shifted his base to New Delhi. So, now Rajinder Gupta is the richest person in Punjab.

How many Billionaires live in Punjab?

There is a curious case in Punjab where the top 7 people with a net worth of more than 1000 Crore are also the richest 7 in the whole of Punjab.

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