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List of Richest People in Panipat [2024]

Panipat is famous for its textile industry. It is among the top 5 cities of Haryana. However, the textile industry is not more than 50 years old. Still, Panipat has made a name for it. It brings more than 10,000 Cr in revenues.

Though there is not enough data available on the wealthiest individuals in Panipat. But there are quite a few families synonyms with wealth in Panipat.

Most of the rich families of Panipat have made their fortune in textiles specifically providing interior decoration items.

Number of Billionaires: 0
Number of Centi-Billionaires: 3
Multi-millionaires: 24; HNIs: 540

Rajesh Mahajan & Family

Chairman – Mahajans Overseas
Net Worth – $ 180 Million (1450 Cr)
Industry – Textiles

Mahajans was the initial one of the two families that started manufacturing back in 1969. Most of the export houses nowadays started as a supplier for either Mahajans or Paliwals.

Ajay Paliwal & Family

Along with Mahajans, they are the ones who started the ascent of Panipat as a textile hub. Now the third generation is at the helm of the business.

Chairman – Paliwal Exports
Net Worth – $ 200 Million (1600 Cr)
Industry – Textiles

Hari Chand Vij & Family

Chairman – Vij Traders
Net Worth – $ 100 Million (800 Cr)
Industry – Textiles

Lalit Goel

Chairman – Riviera Home Furnishing
Net Worth – $ 70 Million (500 Cr)
Industry – Textiles

Aditya Bhatia & family

Chairman – Laborate Pharmaceuticals
Net Worth – $ 70 Million (1600 Cr)
Industry – Pharmaceuticals

Hukam Chand Garg

Chairman – GRM Overseas
Net Worth – $ 70 Million (1600 Cr)
Industry – Food Processing

In addition to the above individuals and families, Panipat has very famous and rich individuals & families. Some of the honorable mentions are:

  • Jains
  • Ashish Kapoor
  • Aviral Bindle
  • Satinder Likha
  • Ramesh Verma

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the richest person in Panipat?

As outlined above Paliwal family is the richest family in Panipat closely followed by the Mahajans. These two families are the ones that started the transformation of Panipat into a textile hub. Though Panipat has other heavy industries as well like Refinery, Thermal, and Fertilizer industries. Still, Panipat is known for its textile industry.

How many Billionaires live in Panipat?

There is currently only no billionaire in dollar terms who lives in Panipat. But Avinash Paliwal and family are the richest with $200 Million net worth.


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