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List of Richest People in Manipur [2024]

Manipur, one of the seven sister states of North East India, is home to around 2.8 Million people. The capital Imphal is the largest city in Manipur. In this list, we will include people who live and work in Manipur.

Following is the list of the richest people from Manipur:

Palin Khundongbam

The owner of Shija Hospital. He has assets worth more than 150 Crore.

O. Ibobi

The former chief minister of Manipur has assets worth more than 50 Crore.

T. Phungzathang

His net worth stands at 300 Crore.

Thangjam Dhabali Singh:

Mr. Singh has interests in hospitality as well as healthcare. He runs the Babina healthcare chain and also a hotel chain called The classic hotels.

Sapam Nishikant

The richest candidate in the fray for 1st phase has assets worth more than Rs 23.59 Crore.

Khombongmayum Suresh Singh

Mr. Singh’s net worth is above Rs 18.5 crore.

Sehpu Haokip

Haokip has total assets worth over Rs 18 crore.

Huidrom Vikramjit

NPP candidate and former managing director of HVS Construction Material, the biggest construction company in Manipur. His wife is the chairman of HVS Construction Material Pvt Ltd.

Huidrom Vikramjit has assets worth just over Rs. 6.37 crore as per his affidavits. The assets of his wife, Huidrom Jamini Devi, are worth almost Rs 5 crore, the affidavit mentioned.


Though by no means this is a comprehensive list of the richest people in Manipur. We will keep it updated as and when we have more information. If you think we have forgotten to include a wealthy family or individual from the state of Manipur, let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the richest person in Manipur?

Palin Khundongbam is the richest person in Manipur. He has interests in healthcare and hospitality.

How many Indian billionaires live in Manipur?

There are currently 0 billionaires in dollar terms who live in Manipur.


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