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List of Richest People in Lucknow [2024]

The city is Nawabs as it is usually called is home to some of the richest people in India. Though people like Manoj Bhargava who hails from Lucknow are billionaires. Still, he is not included in the list because he doesn’t live in Lucknow. We have only included the people who live in Lucknow.

Anil Kumar Singh & Family

Chairman –  APCO Infratech
Net Worth – $ 700 Million (5900 Crore)
Industry – Real Estate

Sanjay Kapoor

Chairman –  Sona BLW
Net Worth – $ 570 Million (4700 Crore)
Industry – Diversified

Farid Ehsaan

Chairman –  Sharechat
Net Worth – $ 300 Million (2100 Crore)
Industry – Software Services

Anand Swaroop Agrawal

Chairman –  India Pesticides
Net Worth – $ 300 Million (2000 Crore)
Industry – Chemicals

Subrata Roy

Though it is tough to predict how much money Subrata Roy has because even though he states his assets to be less than $1 million USD (8 Crore). Still, while hearing the plea for the extension of interim bail to six month Supreme Court made an observation that “why wouldn’t Subrata Roy pay up his dues of 36000 Crores when it still is a fraction of his total assets?”. So it is safe to assume his assets be more than 36000 Crore.

Shara India Pariwar’s website states its total net worth to be 2,59,900 Crore INR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the richest person in Lucknow?

Subrata Roy is the richest in Lucknow. Subrata Roy is the owner of Sahara Group which has interests in Real Estate and Finance.

How many Billionaires live in Lucknow?

There is currently only 1 billionaire in dollar terms who lives in Lucknow. He is Subrata Roy of Sahara Group.


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