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List of Richest People in Bihar [2024]

Although a big state, Bihar consistently punches below its weight when it comes to the creation of wealth. The main reason is political corruption. It is considered one of the poorest states in India.

We have also prepared lists of the richest people in the following cities of Bihar:

Basudeo Narain Singh & Family

Company – Alken Labs
Net Worth – $ 1.5 Billion (12600 Crore)
Industry – Pharma

Ravindra Kishore Sinha & family

Company – SIS
Net Worth – $ 650 Million (5300 Crore)
Industry – Services

Ramesh Kumar Sharma

Company – Investments
Net Worth – $ 130 Million (1200 Crore)
Industry – Investments

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the wealthiest person in Bihar?

You can learn more about more richest families/individuals through our rich list of Patna.

How many Billionaires live in Bihar?

There is currently only 1 billionaire living in Bihar.

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