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Fact Checking Policy

At BigBoysLife™, we work hard to provide accurate and true information to our readers.

While many of our articles express personal opinions, a significant part of our content involves facts that we verify and estimate through careful calculations.

To ensure our content remains current and meets our readers’ expectations, we follow a monthly routine. Despite our efforts, there may be instances where we miss something. We welcome our readers to reach out if they notice any mistakes, helping us stay on top of our game.

Our Content Production Process

Every piece of content published on BigBoysLife goes through a minimum of three-step process before being published:

  1. The Writer
  2. The Editor
  3. The Publisher

Once one of our skilled writers completes an article, it goes to our content manager for a thorough review. They focus on identifying any formatting or grammar errors before the article is uploaded. The team member responsible for publishing conducts the final fact-checking process.

Net Worth Profiles

Net Worth profiles frequently need updates and fact-checking because celebrities’ net worth estimates, salaries, ages, and other details can change multiple times throughout the year. We’ve recently established systems to ensure that all these figures are updated monthly.

How do we reach networths?

Net Worth estimates featured on BigBoysLife come from a wide variety of sources, including but not limited to the following:

  • Company Filings
  • Salary/earnings and expenditure information
  • Reputable sources such as Forbes & CelebrityNetWorth
  • Online research

Each Net Worth profile has a summary table at the beginning with a “Last Updated” row. The date in this table shows when we last updated all the information in the tables and the net worth estimates in the article.

However, we might have also updated other parts of the article, like an individual’s career or awards.

Please note, the net worth figures on BigBoysLife™ are our “best estimates” based on available information, and may not be the exact actual net worth of the individual.

Most Expensive Lists

We also feature lists of current products like The Most Expensive Cars and The Most Expensive Jets. We aim to revisit and update these lists every few months as needed.

To create these lists, we gather information from various sources and internet statistics. Prices can change, especially for certain items, so we focus more on updating lists where prices regularly change significantly.

Rich Lists

We have released wealth lists for over 50 cities in India. We aim to update these lists regularly, typically after conducting a comprehensive update of the individual net worth profiles of anyone mentioned in the richest lists.

Overall Fact Checking

Since its establishment in 2021, we have released over 80 articles on BigBoysLife™. Due to the significant growth we’ve experienced, maintaining updated information has become more challenging. Nevertheless, we’ve implemented substantial improvements to enhance our processes.

Found a mistake?

Please get in touch with us.