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Editorial & Disclosure Policy

At BigBoysLife, we aim to offer infotainment-style content to our audience, focusing on net worth profiles, lists of the wealthiest individuals, city-rich lists, informative and entertaining material, and beyond.

To achieve this, we provide recommendations for specific products to our readers. Further details about our editorial process, the criteria for selecting products and locations, and how we may receive compensation through our content can be found below.

Editorial Process

As a content-driven platform, our primary objective is to discover optimal solutions for our readers. This involves obtaining accurate net worth estimates for Indian business families, celebrities, and individuals, researching the cost of various items, and discussing products or services that we believe our audience may find enjoyable. The majority of the information we gather is sourced through online research.

Our unwavering commitment is to deliver information that is not only useful but also accurate and practical. Accuracy is our utmost priority, recognizing that these are all estimates. We make diligent efforts to keep our stories updated by providing links to brands, parks, and government sites that offer additional information.

Each category of our posts is managed by a team of writers specialized in that specific type of content.

We take pride in our thorough research, and dedication to producing the best possible stories for our readers, and we welcome suggestions on how to continually improve our content. Every blog post we publish undergoes hours of research, writing, fact-checking, and editing.

Disclaimer: We are not professional financial advisers, and our content should not be construed as financial advice. The information provided on our site is based on our writers’ extensive research, experience, and estimations. For any finance-related queries after reading our content, we recommend consulting a qualified professional.

Affiliate Links & Recommendations

In some of our writings, especially when talking about products, we might get a small reward if people buy things using the links we share.

This doesn’t change how we choose which products to talk about. Most times, the people writing the articles don’t even know which companies pay us.

We only talk about products that we think are good, regardless of any money we might get. We pick things based on how good they are, not on whether we get paid for it.

We only suggest the best products, and many times, we don’t make money if you buy them. After we finish writing, we look at the article to see if there are any chances to put in links that might make us money.

Even if we make money or not, the list of products we suggest stays the same. We promise to only suggest what we truly believe are the best things you can get.